Green Zone Train The Trainer 
    September 30, 2021

    Hosted by
    Yavapai County Juvenile Probation Department and Yavapai College

        Invites you to a one day train the trainer event

    Learn Precipitating Factors to Acting Out Behavior

    Learn the Practice of Self-Managed Behavior

    Establish Expectations, Accountability & Consequences in the Green Zone

    What is GreenZone?
    GreenZoneis a comprehensive behavioral transformation process that helps to foster and validate civility in the educational, social, and business venues of our communities.                   

    Why is GreenZoneneeded?
    GreenZoneis needed to address and interrupt the progression of unacceptable behavior that is mean-spirited, abusive, and harmful. 

    Who benefits from GreenZone?
    GreenZonesupports school administrators, educators, parents, community agencies, churches, and businesses in their efforts to foster and model civility. The transformation process is one approach to counter destructive behaviors that lead to academic and social failures among youth and adults.

    The GreenZone process introduces individuals to a color-coded outline of civil and uncivil behavior. In the GreenZone, individuals are led in a process of civil, respectful conversation and behavior and are called to accountability when that process is left.

    Date: September 30, 2021
    Time: 0800-1500
    Cost: $99.00 (Initial Green Zone Trainer)
    Cost: $49.00 (Prior Green Zone Trainer)

    Yavapai College
    100 E. Sheldon Street
    Prescott, Arizona 86301