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Written by two seasoned law enforcement professionals, Bobby Kipper and Joe St. John, Roll Call is a Christian Spiritual Guide for other law enforcement professionals.

Police work is a stressful and often dangerous job that puts a burden on the individual that most people will never understand. It also forces the police officer to see the world in a very real light and that light is not always positive. Kipper and St. John understand the challenges to staying spiritual in an often-harsh world. It is easy to lose focus on a loving and caring God in the midst of turmoil. It is easy to lose hope when a person sees so much hopelessness.

Roll Call is as an easy-to-carry book that an officer can read in these troubling times. During a break from all the chaos, the officer can read a quick chapter and refocus on a loving God and the peace of Jesus. Roll Call is a “no-nonsense” book that places the Christian Faith in the forefront of the officers’ lives. In these drastic times of today and with the problems facing law enforcement, there is no better time for the faith community to have a police “Roll Call.”

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