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Performance Driven Journal empowers readers of Performance Driven Thinking to take the concepts and strategies they read and begin implementing them immediately.

Performance Driven Journal is an accompanying “accelerator” program to take readers one step deeper into the lifestyle change, as well as the sales funnel for high-ticket programs like the Performance Driven Academy or Mastermind. Many times, when readers experience an “a-ha” moment while reading a book, they underline or circle a passage or paragraph in it. But if they ever come back to it, by that time, they’ve forgotten why it resonated in the first place.

With a guided tour of the original book, Performance Driven Journal breaks down each concept into practical exercises where readers can write out concrete steps or identify current shortcomings with how they think. As they make use of the journal and the knowledge seeps into their consciousness, the goal is to double the value of reading the book and create raving fans who leave positive reviews and/or invest in the larger coaching / mastermind offering.

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