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Sgt. McComie - Winter Park Police Department

Speak with Love, Act with Kindness, and Pay it Forward is our family motto and mission. We have raised our daughters ages six (6) and ten (10) to be global citizens and to pay it forward to those around them. This year our daughters asked to deliver a cake, a handmade card, and party supplies to three local police departments for Law Enforcement Appreciation Week. The Winter Park Police Department was one of the three departments on their list. When we arrived at the department, we were greeted with a warm welcome by Sgt. McComie. To our surprise, he asked for us to wait just a moment as he had a gift for us, as well.

During that time, we admired the beautifully handcrafted interior of the Public Safety building and were informed of the department’s tours. We are a home school family and absolutely loved learning about the British Arts and Crafts movement in the late 1800’s, as well as the Mission Style furniture needed to furnish the stunning lobby. As a mother and educator, I sincerely appreciated the framed educational descriptions around the waiting area.

Winter Park has always had our family’s heart. When I met my husband, I was a student at Rollins College Hamilton Holt. I was blessed to introduce our daughters to the philosophy of Positive Psychology and Global Citizenship in the most breathtaking campus in the state of Florida. We continue to visit the campus to explore the museum, learn about the different plants in the greenhouse, and enjoy a tasty picnic on the shores of beautiful Lake Virginia.

I must say, never in a million years did I expect for Sgt. McComie to walk back through the lobby’s doors with three gift bags in his hands. He was extremely professional and friendly. He took the time to explain to us what was in the bags and the meaning behind the Actively Caring 4 People wristbands. I felt as though it was a dream.

Our family lives by our motto and it is not always well received. Sometimes you get the look as if you are wanting something from your blessing or the person is very confused as to why you would be willing to do something for no other reason than to make another person’s day even better than before you saw them. We continue to pay it forward and lead by example. We pray that one day we will live in a world that Paying it Forward is a common occurrence and everyone wants to do the same.

That said, to listen to Sgt. McComie and see the passion and dedication in his eyes made it possible for the Winter Park Police Department to steal my heart just as Rollins did so many years ago. It was a perfect fit on the perfect day. We will be sure to visit again and tour the department. I must say, Professor Rick Bommelje and Dr. Marie Shafe of Rollins College would be so proud of Sgt. McComie. He is by far an amazing Listening Leader and an activist for Positive Psychology!

Thank you again for blessing us on the day we believed we were blessing you. This is what it is all about, Paying it Forward when it is least expected! We will be sure to proudly wear our AC4P bracelets and continue the mission!

Make it a Positive Day,
Summer, Seanna, and Shellee Grace
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