ProText My School


See something? Text something.

ProText My School is an intelligent, conversational “text-in, evaluate, and respond” system that allows students, parents, and staff to safely and anonymously report campus safety concerns directly to school officials via a school-specific phone number for text messaging and a website.

NCPCV’s national anti-violence and anti-bullying programs, paired with ProText My School technology, will give school officials a unique edge to better understand how they can help students communicate and promote a violence-free environment.

With ProText My School, officials can have better visibility into events, so they can implement streamlined internal procedures, better equip multidisciplinary response teams to address student needs, and interrupt the process of violence.

NCPCV is offering a unique opportunity for an exclusive sponsor to help provide this revolutionary technology for free to all certified K-12 schools across the nation and has started a CrowdRise campaign to help meet this goal.


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A user submits a tip to ProText My School through text messages or the web. The user’s location is matched to a given school campus. The system provides the sender immediate feedback, instructions, or further questions as needed.


ProText My School checks each tip for keywords or phrases and examines them for possible associations to other previously received tips.


The system sends real-time alerts to one or more designated responders, depending upon the location and nature of the situation.


ProText My School gives school officials tools to gain greater visibility into events, implement streamlined internal procedures, and better equip response teams to address student needs.

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