Shared AC4P™ Policing Stories

Officers W. Folscher & C. Allen - Norfolk Police Department

Officers from the department engaged the community with a basketball game at a local recreation center. The purpose of the game was to build positive relationships with the youth in the community and their families. There was an amazing turnout and three separate basketball games were played. Children ranging in ages between 9 and 18 participated in the event with many more community members coming to show their support. Following the games there was further engagement as the participating department members and community enjoyed a meal together that was mutually provided. A special thanks to the children that played – all of whom were awarded with a wristband: Javar Hyman, Matthew Gutterup, Ryan McDowell, Raquan Johnson, David James, Caleb Tessier, Roberto Hernandez Jr., Shyneice Blount, Imani Andrew, Kmari Spencer, Macoy Blount, and Messiah Harrison. Bands: 126901, 126902, 126903, 126904, 126905, 126907, 126908, 126909, 126910, 126911, 126918, 129919, 129920.