Shared AC4P™ Policing Stories

Officers F. St. George and T.M. Gimber - Norfolk Police Department

Officers from the Norfolk Police Department responded to a call for service for a teenager who had jumped from the Campostella Bridge into the Lafayette River approximately 70 feet below. Upon arrival by officers, the teenager had already removed himself from the water and was standing on a small dock in the middle of the river. The dock was not accessible by any other means than the water. The teenager was soaking wet and enduring 40 degree weather with high winds and unknown injuries from the fall. While officers on scene coordinated a rescue effort, three men, Christian Crabtree, Boyce “Russell” Orr, and Bryen Lindsey operating a small tugboat recognized the occurring situation and maneuvered their boat next to the dock and safely brought him aboard. After bringing him to dry land, the three men were able to transfer the young man to awaiting officers and paramedics. Thanks to the quick and decisive action by these three men the teenager was safely brought to Norfolk General Hospital and is recovering with his family. #125158, #125153, #125134