Shared AC4P™ Policing Stories

Officer M. Pierce - Norfolk Police Department

I pulled up behind two vehicles stopped on the side of the road, one behind the other. At first I thought there had been a minor accident, but then it became apparent that the first vehicle, a white van, was disabled. When I walked up to the van, I saw a young man in a Navy sweatshirt and jeans underneath the van working a jack. This man’s name is Jevon Smith and according to the driver of the van, Douglas Faley, he was a stranger who had pulled over to help him. The van’s tire had actually fallen off due to a few missing lugnuts. Smith used his own jack from his car as the van’s jack was not working properly. Smith assisted Foley in recovering the tire and re-installing it, then going as far as to make sure the other 3 tires were secure as well. Smith was out with his girlfriend and 3 month old baby son, who was sleeping peacefully in his car seat. Smith should be commended for his actions as he was out enjoying a beautiful afternoon with his son and girlfriend, but stopped in order to render assistance to a fellow citizen. Smith currently serves in the US Navy on the Mesa Verde LPD 19. His immediate supervisor, Senior Chief Melvin Smith should be proud his actions.