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The Story of Roll Call: Spiritual Wellness for Today Law Enforcement Officer

As a young child, I learned the importance of spiritual wellness from my father. Dad was a God-fearing Deacon at Temple Baptist Church in Newport News, Virginia. Being raised in a Southern Baptist Church allowed me to see the importance of recognizing how crucial it was to believe in something and someone bigger than yourself. I never knew how much the values that I learned in the halls of that church would have a greater impact in years to come.

One of the deacons in our church was a man who I greatly respected. A.B. Talbert was a lieutenant in the Newport News Police Department. Becoming a police officer was a life goal of mine so after several conversations with Lt. Talbert he lined up an interview for me at Newport News Police Department.

At the age of twenty, I became a rookie officer in my hometown police department. I never knew how quickly this job would mature me. The things I would experience in the community had not been mentioned in my upbringing. Within a few years, I began to question my own faith and spiritual value.

I wanted to hang on to the things I had been taught at that special building on Harperville Road, but it was a struggle. Handling two infant deaths within a week, I needed to take action and reconnect to my spiritual roots. So, I began to write my own spiritual journal on my thoughts and feelings as a police officer.

Today in my life I never knew that all these years later those words from that journal would be published by Morgan James Publishing® in New York.

I have been blessed as a “Best Selling Author” to share this book entitled, “Roll Call” with my brother and sisters in law enforcement. This is the start of what we hope is a national movement in spiritual wellness for police officers.

On May twelfth I will return to Temple Baptist Church to acknowledge and celebrate the road that allowed a veteran police officer to find his way back.

On The Calendar

Roll Call Book Launch
May 12, 2021 | 6:30PM-7:30PM
Temple Baptist Church
235 Harpersville Rd., Newport News, VA  23601
For more info, email to [email protected]

2nd Annual First Responders Wellness and Safety Conference 2021
September 28-29, 2021 | 8:00AM-4:00PM
Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center (GRPSTC)
11550 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, AZ 85307
Fee: FREE, but pre-registration is required.
For more info or to register:

National First Responders Day - October 28
Details to be announced.

Team Member In The Spotlight

This month’s team member in the spotlight is Barbara Hamm Lee, a member our  Executive Board.

Barbara Hamm Lee is the executive producer and host of Another View, a weekly talk show that examines today’s issues from an African American perspective, and airs every Thursday at noon on 89.5 WHRV-FM.  She is also the owner of Sharing Info, LLC, a media/communications consulting company, located in Norfolk, Virginia.

She is incredibly involved in the community, serving as the Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors for the YWCA, South Hampton Roads and former Chair, Board of Commissioners, Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority. She is a board member for the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities, and the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence.


Program Focus: Green Zone

Green Zone™ is a tangible, measurable way to identify behavior and promote positive interaction and overall positive environment. It provides expectations on how we speak and relate to one another, as well as provides insight as to when individuals within a setting leave the zone of appropriate behavior.

The Green Zone™ is an easy concept to embrace by all who live, work, or go to school. Bringing civility back to our schools, businesses, and communities is more than a dream. It is now a reality through the Green Zone™.

Green Zone™ outlines three “zones” of behavior — green, yellow, and red — ranging from acceptable to unacceptable to encourage everyone to “stay in the Green Zone™.”

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