The Caughlin GreenZone Award

Sharon Caughlin

The Caughlin GreenZone Award has been established by the National Center for Prevention of Community Violence in honor of Sharon Caughlin, whose willing spirit and dedication to quality of life is the driving spirit that has allowed children from coast-to-coast to know what a truly civil conversation and classroom looks like.

This award is given annually to a school that truly embodies the spirit and message of GreenZone™.

About Sharon Caughlin

Sharon recently retired after 28 years from the Chesapeake Fire Department last serving as Support Services Division Chief, and currently serves as the Director of Administration for the National Center for Prevention of Community Violence.

Sharon’s love for children was evident throughout her career in public safety, where she spearheaded one of Hampton Roads’ first Child Passenger Safety Programs right in her own department. Even as a Chief Officer working in administration, it was not uncommon to find Sharon in the back seat of an expectant mother’s car installing an infant car seat, while educating the mother on how to transport her child safely.

Sharon quickly connected with GreenZone™ when she saw how receptively her own young children embraced the process. And while she may no longer be leading the charge in child passenger safety, Sharon remains on the frontlines in helping to keep school-age children safe through the GreenZone™ process.