Imagine living in a world where everyone spoke to each other using a normal rate, tone, and volume of speech;
a world without put-downs, profanity, and threats.

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Improving school climate and safety response through programs, training, and technology

GreenZone is a tangible, measurable way to identify behavior and promote positive interaction and overall positive environment. It provides expectations on how we speak and relate to one another, as well as provides insight as to when individuals within a setting leave the zone of appropriate behavior.

The GreenZone is an easy concept to embrace by all who live, work, or go to school. Bringing civility back to our schools, businesses, and communities is more than a dream. It is now a reality through the GreenZone.

GreenZone outlines three “zones” of behavior — green, yellow, and red — ranging from  acceptable to unacceptable to encourage everyone to “stay in the GreenZone.”

Here are some of the GreenZone programs:

  • GreenZone Elementary: Character development
  • GreenZone Middle and High School: Bullying prevention
  • GreenZone Relationships: Preventing relationship and dating violence among adolescents
  • The Zone: Student-led Organization that promotes GreenZone behaviors
  • GreenZone Parent Program: Encourages parents to adopt GreenZone in their homes

GreenZone™ is transforming school climates and their surrounding communities across the nation. 

Since its inception in fall 2012, it has impacted more than 19,000 students in 30 schools in 10 districts.

When applied to an entire district, GreenZone™ has the ability to follow students throughout their entire school careers from kindergarten until high school graduation.

Through The Zone™, students feel a bond of connectedness with peers, and receive emotional support.

Within schools, districts, homes, and communities alike, GreenZone provides consistent behavioral expectations and language, creating a safe and familiar environment for all those involved.

GreenZone is designed to be applied anywhere and everywhere. We believe every relationship and environment can benefit from encouraged kindness and civility.