The Power of an Overcomer in a World that Needs Hope

I hope my friends will read this and it will bring hope to all of you. I did not plan to meet this young lady. Her name is Nan, she is 18 and she set next to me on my flight from Houston last night. Of course, we were separated by a seat. I could not help but notice her right Prosthetic Leg.

We began to talk, and I ask her would she please share her story. She smiled and said she would be happy to.

One year ago, she recounted, she and her father went for a jet ski ride on a lake near Atlanta. There was a tragic accident and her father was killed and she lost her leg and had severe internal injuries as a result. In her words “My whole life was changed in an instance. But I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. I want to bring others hope. “ She talked about her strong faith in God.

Her plans for the future, she just graduated and will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall. She is full of excitement.

She told me the following statement that totally will impact me forever: “The thing that had taken so much from me, has actually given me the most, I am not defeated”

Nan , thank you for taking me to church on my plane ride from Houston to Atlanta. Your light is needed now more than ever.


Bobby Kipper – Executive Director/Founder, NCPCV