Five Steps to Effective Law Enforcement Leadership During the Current Crisis

We all now realize that we are in a much different time and place in our efforts to provide leadership to the front-line officers during this current crisis.  This can not be business as usual that guides us during our daily operations.  This current situation is far from normal and it requires extra support from leaders, from front line supervisors to executive staff members.

Here are five essential elements to consider:

  1. Officer concerns and anxiety about their personal health. Leadership must provide a time and space to discuss and understand this issue.
  2. Officer concerns and anxiety about their families. Leadership should provide and encourage officers to regularly contact family members to help with this anxiety.
  3. Provide positive feedback and opportunities for support for officers. This is a time for greater positive presence and support for all officers.  Social distancing in leadership does not call for the absence of support.
  4. Encourage greater attention to officer wellness during this time. This is critical to help officers not be overcome with emotional stress.
  5. Provide avenues of support for all officers. Leadership should provide a pathway to support services for all officers in need.

With the current attention on officer wellness, there has never been a greater need for leadership to stand in the gap and show officers that they not only care, but that they totally understand and support them.