Shared AC4P™ Policing Stories

Sgt. McComie - Winter Park Police Department

Speak with Love, Act with Kindness, and Pay it Forward is our family motto and mission. We have raised our daughters ages six (6) and ten (10) to be global

Corporal Melinda Wray - Norfolk Police Department

On a recent spring morning in April, a man wandered into the Police Administration Building in Downtown Norfolk. The man smiled politely with a wide, toothy grin and stared at

Officer C. Deuell - Norfolk Police Department

I responded to an accident on Sewell’s Pt Rd where a car had pulled out in front of a motorcycle, causing an accident. A good Samaritan

W.L. Hoyle - Coolidge Police Department

While on patrol I decided to take a break at the local Subway restaurant. When approaching the cashier I learned someone had already paid for my

Officer Palevich - Norfolk Police Department

On December 15th I was dispatched to a call for service at 1300 Longdale Dr. #101 to recover a wallet. I spoke with Mr. Ron White, the residence of apt

Commander Rodney Smith - Coolidge Police Department

While sitting in the briefing room, I observed two of our records clerks walking by. They were pulling a cart of copying paper. I also observed officers engaged in conversation

K. Boone - Norfolk Police Department

I was dispatched to a burglary in progress when I w arrived on scene Mr. Hull was standing outside waiting for police to arrive to give

Officer T. Hardesty - Norfolk Police Department

While on patrol I observed a U.S. Navy member at the intersection of Tidewater Drive and Virginia Beach Blvd. pushing a car out of

Officers F. St. George and T.M. Gimber - Norfolk Police Department

Officers from the Norfolk Police Department responded to a call for service for a teenager who had jumped from the Campostella Bridge into the Lafayette River

Officers W. Folscher and C. Allen - Norfolk Police Department

Officers from the department engaged the community with a basketball game at a local recreation center. The purpose of the game was to build positive relationships

Officer M. Pierce - Norfolk Police Department

I pulled up behind two vehicles stopped on the side of the road, one behind the other. At first I thought there had been a minor

Cpl. Melinda Wray - Norfolk Police Department

The Norfolk Police Department is joining the Actively Caring 4 People movement, and incorporating this great cause into its daily functions. As a spokesperson for the police department, I received