AC4P™ Wellness & Safety Training

Kelly Wright

National Spokesperson, AC4P First Responder Wellness & Safety Training Program

Experienced Anchor with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Broadcasting, Broadcast Journalism, Videography, Breaking News, and Broadcast Television. Strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor of Science focused in Communication Arts from Oral Roberts University.


Currently, Kelly is working on his own program “The Kelly Wright Show – America’s Talking” on the Black News Channel. 

The first role of first responder’s leadership is to take care of your people.  Yes, public safety is a “people related business.”  So, it is essential that we totally embrace our responsibility to our employees who are called to deliver the essential role of public safety services.

Actively Caring 4 People™ First Responders Wellness and Safety Training

This training and application process will improve the culture and the climate of public safety agencies by providing:

  • Command level training on AC4P™ principles and practice
  • First line supervisors training on AC4P™ principles and practice
  • Front line responders training on AC4P™ principles and practice

Learn to:

  • Promote the power of positive consequences in your organization
  • Use more supportive rather than corrective feedback
  • Distinguish between managing and leading people

This training is for:

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire service
  • EMS
  • Corrections
  • 911 Operators

Change your agency climate through actively caring.

“During these unprecedented times, there has never been a greater need for first responders to feel supported, not only by those that they serve in their communities, but within the walls of the stations they work. Knowing you are supported and cared about as an individual by those in your chain of command is critical to the morale and safety of all first responders.”

Dr. Michael Thompson, Chief of Arizona State University Police Department & NCPCV Advisory Board Member