NCPCV: The Story

“What is needed in our society is an organization that works to interrupt the process of violence before it becomes a tragedy.” -                      Bobby Kipper 2020

This is a quote from Bobby Kipper, the founder of National Center for Prevention of Community Violence, on the mission and the purpose of NCPCV, which began its operation in 2010. NCPCV has an extensive history of providing guidance to communities and schools on proven strategies to prevent violence. It has risen to be one of America’s leading authorities on community violence reduction through training, publications, and technical assistance. NCPCV has had an impact, both nationally and internationally. 

With a combination of national experts, a powerful national board, and operational partnerships with institutions of higher academic education, NCPCV continues to blaze a path towards safer communities across the U.S. and beyond.

The organization continues to grow into the future by embracing new innovative opportunities to prevent violence at the local, state, national, and international levels.

NCPCV's Mission

“Violence is a process, not an event”

Our mission is to interrupt the process of violence before it becomes an event.

NCPCV Interrupting the Process of Violence


  • Community Strategies to Prevent Violence – Strategic Planning
  • Gang Reduction Strategies
  • School Safety
    • Campus safety assessments
    • Threat assessment training
    • Effective school discipline strategies
    • School policy development
    • Actively Caring 4 People™ school program
  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention
    • Proven strategies to prevent bullying
    • Proven strategies to address the bullying incident
    • Strategies to address cyberbullying
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
    • Proven strategies to prevent workplace aggression
    • Effective policies to prevent workplace violence
  • Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention
    • Effective strategies to prevent dating violence
    • Effective strategies to prevent domestic violence
  • First Responders Safety and Wellness Programs

  NCPCV Signature Programs

  • Green Zone™
    • Character Development
    • Bullying Prevention
    • Parent Program
    • Green Zone™ Relationships Program
  • Youth Gun Safety
    • “Ollie the Owl” Gun Safety Program
  • Actively Caring 4 People™ (AC4P)
    • AC4P™ Schools
    • AC4P™ Policing Process
  • P.I.E.R. Violence Reduction Strategic Planning for schools and communities
    • Prevention
    • Intervention
    • Enforcement
    • Recovery

  NCPCV Press Publications

No Colors – 100 Ways to Keep Gangs from Taking Away Our Communities
No Bullies – Solutions for Saving Children from Today’s Bullies
Actively Caring 4 People Policing – Building Positive Police/Citizen Relations
Actively Caring 4 People Schools – How to Cultivate a Culture of Compassion 

“When I met Bobby, he was so passionate about NCPCV that I wanted to know more about the organization. I had started a nonprofit called Men for Hope, and it seemed our missions were similar. Men for Hope’s mission is to support underserved men, organize their efforts in the community, and work with organizations providing services for single women parenting young men - the SOW concept. The NCPCV mission is to interrupt the process of violence before it becomes an event. Violence plagues young men and undermines the SOW concept. Joining the NCPCV was a way to accomplish some of the goals of MFH without duplicating resources and draining funding.”

Tony Brothers - Chairman of the Board, National Basketball Referees Association & NCPCV Executive Board Member