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NCPCV partners with technology company to improve school climate and enhance campus safety

Partnership will facilitate free ProText My School service to schools across the country


The National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence is excited to announce a new partnership that will help us continue to interrupt the process of violence, improve school climate, and enhance campus safety through programs, training, and technology across the nation.

NCPCV recently partnered with Ten8Tech, a technology company that creates automated communications platforms for public service.

“Our partnership with Ten8Tech is driven by our united vision to get all certified K-12 schools no-cost access to ProText My School, a new technology that enables students, parents, and staff to report tips and other critical information through text message or the web,” said Bobby Kipper, NCPCV executive director.

Unlike traditional text-to-tip technology, which is a one-way pass through of information, ProText My School engages users in a conversation about what’s happening and sends real-time tips to designated responders, like school administrators and law enforcement.

NCPCV’s programs like GreenZone, paired with ProText My School technology, will give school officials a unique edge to better understand how they can help students communicate and promote a violence-free environment.

“ProText My School uses an intelligent, conversational engine to collect critical information about campus safety and other concerns,” said Anthony Formhals, founder, CEO, and president of Ten8Tech. “Based on the information received, a dynamic, conversational framework with machine-learning tools collects and evaluates key information. It then alerts school administration and law enforcement in real time.

Through this agreement, once $3.25 million in funding is raised for ProText My School through a partnership with an exclusive sponsor, the technology will be available to all certified K-12 schools across the nation at no cost to them.

“Intelligence is key to keeping kids and schools safe,” Kipper said, “but for students, it’s not always easy to speak up about a threat for fear of retaliation or loss of popularity. Without intelligent systems like ProText My School, it’s difficult for schools to evaluate and respond effectively. That’s why NCPCV is united with Ten8Tech to improve access for all schools across the nation.”

With ProText My School, tips are submitted via text message to a school-specific number or the web. The user is then provided immediate feedback, instructions, or asked for additional information, if needed.

The system automatically checks each tip for keywords and phrases and evaluates them for possible associations to previously-received tips. Alerts are then sent to the relevant response team.

ProText My School is hosted in Microsoft Azure Gov. cloud and does not require any on-site hardware or software installation.

Each school is encouraged to post a school-specific tip number throughout the campus, like beneath a clock in classrooms and in all public gathering areas. Students then use that number to send tips about school safety concerns from wherever they are, anytime, day or night.

Funds raised through this agreement will be used to facilitate national availability of ProText My School and continued enhancements to the technology.

NCPCV was founded in 2009 by former Newport News Police Officer Bobby Kipper. NCPCV works to interrupt the process of violence, before it becomes an event.

NCPCV has a successful history of building and providing solutions to preventing and reducing violence through a number of key initiatives. The organization has developed national, state, and local policies and training in the areas of Bullying Prevention, Gang Reduction, Dating and Domestic Violence Prevention, Children’s Gun Safety, and Community Civility for law enforcement and K-12 education institutions.

NCPCV is highlighted by a dedicated support team consisting of a National Executive Board, National Advisory Board, student interns, and a small, but dedicated staff. This interdisciplinary network of passionate individuals represents all walks of life and professional backgrounds, including the arts, athletics, academia, law enforcement, media, and activism.

About Ten8Tech
Ten8Tech was founded in 2012 by Formhals, a former Chula Vista, California, police officer who saw a need to automate mass inbound communication for public service. In addition to ProText My School, Ten8Tech has two other national technology platforms: Case Service, which automates non-emergency police reporting; and Victim Link, created in partnership with End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI), which connects sexual assault victims to advocacy for resources and support, law enforcement for reporting, and colleges for Title IX reporting.

Ten8Tech has also partnered with the Microsoft Justice and Public Safety Team. Ten8Tech’s platforms are hosted in Microsoft Azure Commercial and Microsoft Azure Government cloud with FedRamp high certification.

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