AC4P Policing Stories

Corporal Melinda Wray – Norfolk Police Department

The Norfolk Police Department is joining the Actively Caring 4 People movement, and incorporating this great cause into its daily functions. As a spokesperson for the police department, I received a band from Bobby Kipper to help launch the program and witnessed something from an officer just a few hours after placing the band on my wrist. Although these stories are usually about how a person received the band, the more impressive story is why I gave mine away.

A German national was visiting his wife’s family in Norfolk and stopped by the police department to collect patches. In case you weren’t aware, collecting various police patches (the ones worn on an actual uniform) is quite common among the law enforcement community, both nationally and internationally. The man came into contact with one of Norfolk’s Public Information Officers, Officer Daniel Hudson. Officer Hudson could have simply provided the man with a patch, shook hands, and sent him on his way. However, Officer Hudson began a conversation and asked about the man’s visit to Norfolk. During this talk, it was discovered the man was a fellow law enforcement officer in Germany and had just lost his father to cancer a few weeks prior. Officer Hudson shared his own story about how cancer has affected his life, and Officer Hudson’s support left the man in tears. The man continually thanked Officer Hudson for his shared faith and support, and stated multiple times that their meeting was “meant to be.”

Officer Hudson then arranged a tour of a police facility for the man and his family and ensured the man knew that Officer Hudson’s door was always open to him in the future.

I placed the band on Officer Hudson’s wrist the moment he walked back into the office. His response: “I was just doing my job. I didn’t do anything special.”

This may be the way Officer Hudson treats everyone he comes into contact with, but for the German visitor, it was a moment he’ll remember the rest of his life.

Who says police officers shouldn’t receive a band for their good work and community service? After all, they’re just as much a part of our community as the residents and businesses who live and thrive in our city.

Good job, Officer Hudson.