Still Living The Dream of Non Violence

Several years ago it was a personal goal of mine to start a national non profit that would serve as a guide to preventing and reducing violence.
I am reminded each year as we celebrate the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. That there is still a need for a voice in the desert of incivility and injustice that too many times in America ends up turning into a violent tragedy.
Dr King reminded us that it is not our race or ethnic background that causes hate. There is hate abound among ethnic and religious cultures through our great land.
To come to grips with the real issue we must all examine our hearts and our character to judge what our real intentions are.
This is a time for more civil discourse among all Americans. We will not reduce violence by our attitudes, we will work to reduce violence by our true character.
We will reduce it in the words of Dr King through the “Content of our Character ”
Let there be peace on earth and let it began with me !

Bobby Kipper
Director NCPCV