Bullying Hits Home

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed in Florida following the tragic suicide of a 12 year old due to cyberbulling. This tragic event occurred following repeated pleas to school officials and others to intervene in the situation. Have we turned into a society of bystanders ? After writing a book on Bullying and speaking constantly about the subject I can’t help but think of my own middle school daughter.
In my Fox interview out of Tampa my heart was captured by the perplexing question as to why tragedy due to the lack of civility has to arrive at such an early age.
We allow kids today to exist in an underground empire of social networking without controls or balance. To all the parents that read this ,our lack of intervention to the inappropriate behavior in social networking may be the biggest act of by standing in our society. Will you be a champion and help your child understand and navigate social networking or will you be just another bystander ?