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Bullying in the NFL: How Much a Part of the Culture is This?

The recent revelation concerning bullying within the Miami Dolphins organization has led us to question whether this type of behavior is a part of team and locker room culture or is it an individual event? The circumstances that surround the ongoing taunting and harassment of Jonathan Martin is an indication that greater problems could exist…


Radio Show Coming Soon

Join me on Wednesday November 13 at 11:00 AM EST for our first radio program on Blog Talk Radio. We will be discussing the culture of BULLYING in the NFL


Bullying And The Road To Violence

For years I have been discussing how Violence Is A Process And Not An Event. The issue of Bullying is certainly a part of that process. Everyday in America someone is seriously injured due to the process of disrespect that we commonly label Bullying. My concern is that we sometime hide behind a term that…


Bullying Hits Home

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed in Florida following the tragic suicide of a 12 year old due to cyberbulling. This tragic event occurred following repeated pleas to school officials and others to intervene in the situation. Have we turned into a society of bystanders ? After writing a book on Bullying and…


No Bullies

The one book in America that talks about solutions No Bullies. Have you purchased your copy yet.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Kids From Online Bullying

Your children face challenges that you never had to deal with growing up. A recent tale of cyber bullying involved Audrie Pott, a 15 year old California teenage who committed suicide after pictures of her rape circulated around social networks when her rapists uploaded them. While not all cyber bullying is taken to this kind of extreme,…

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Making the Distinction Between Self-Esteem and Selfish Esteem

This issue is well articulated by Jon Siebels, the Guitarist of Eve 6, in his blog on the Huffington Post, “School Bullying: To End It, We Must Change Our Culture”. “When I think of bullies,” Siegel writes, “the first thing that comes to my mind is that a bully is someone who is overcompensating for…

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Start “Bully Talks” With Your Kids About Daily Life and Feelings With Questions Like These:

What was one good thing that happened today? Any bad things? What is lunchtime like at your school? Who do you sit with? What do you talk about? If applicable, what is it like to ride the school bus? When it comes time for some direct talk about bullies, you might want to consider the…

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Leave Nothing Unsaid with Your Child: Have Regular “Bully Talks”

One of the first things we should observe is our children’s relationship with their friends. If you don’t see any interaction with classmates or neighborhood kids, this could be an open message that your child is struggling socially. If your child does have frequent interaction with friends, part of your discussion with him or her…

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What Bullying and Gangs Have in Common

[one_half] BULLIES                                                       Want recognition Love “the show” Don’t mind hurting others Like strength in numbers* Seek dominance Disrespect authority Want to be admired Often pay a heavy price…